Vizualizacija kvartalas

Virtual tours

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Virtual tour, what is it?

Virtual tours provide an opportunity to visit and "walk" in a real estate Object. These virtual walks allow you to interact with the exterior and/or interior of the Object.

We offer two types of virtual tour systems:

What does a customer gets when ordering a tour?

If the customer orders an online system - the customer receives all the necessary files for the operation of this system on the website. The customer can also additionally order the integration of this system into the website. If the customer orders a 3D tour based on the game engine, the customer receives all the necessary files to install this system on a Windows computer. In both cases, unless otherwise specified at the time of ordering or in the project implementation agreement, the work files created during the project implementation do not belong to the client and are not provided.

How can a customer know if a virtual tour will meet their needs?

You can evaluate the quality of our work in the section of completed project section. If you have your own or see a preferred style in one of our previous projects - please include a link to it together with other information about the Object. During the production process of the tour, we are in constant communication with the client and adjust the implementation of the project taking into account the client's comments regarding the work already done. The work takes place in stages and only after receiving confirmation from the client that the stage is completed is the next stage taken.

Is a contract signed after booking the tour?

Yes, for higher value orders a contract is always signed, for lower values ??- according to the customer's request. We provide the initial form of the contract, the initial form of the contract is not concise - the client can adjust it according to his needs.

What information do I need to provide to order a virtual tour?

Specify the type of virtual tour you want - online tours or 3D tour based on the game engine. If it is an online tour, indicate whether the tour will be done from panoramic photos (if the Object is already completed) or from panoramic 3D visualizations (if the Object is still in the drawings). Explain your needs and goals for this virtual tour as precisely as possible. More detailed information about the project is coordinated individually.

What is the price of a virtual tour?

To name the price, you need at least a minimum of information about the project and your needs, write us to get more information.